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Microsoft included sensors near the nose ridge of HoloLens 2, pointed at your eyes. The technology is used to log you in to the device, saving your individual settings in case you share the headset with a coworker or friend.

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Before I Forget isn't designed to lobby those in positions of power or change the world. It isn't even a video game designed to help people like me navigate their grief. It's just a story. One with the potential to resonate with anyone who's ever experienced dementia.

Bohemian Rhapsody is now available for home release, making the Oscar-nominated film available nearly everywhere.

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Log InPresident Donald Trump has also worried about the level of competition in the tech sector, commenting in August that tech companies are in a "very antitrust situation." Trump, though, was more worried about tech companies controlling what people can and can't see on the internet. Federal Trade Commission nominees in February said they would be open to considering antitrust action against against tech firms.