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“A lot of people who had worked within Google in good faith for a long time said we need new forms of pushback,” she said. “We can’t keep showing up to your panels and keep serving on your diversity committees. We need to achieve structural change. What’s in it, instead, is a great deal of modesty.

On Instagram on Wednesday, her colleague Terry Madden confirmed her death, writing that “she was the most amazing spirit that I have ever or will ever know.” “Angel Has Fallen” is still on top.

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Share repurchases improve this gauge of profitability because when a company buys back shares, it shrinks the number of shares outstanding. In other words, a company’s profit is spread over the smaller number of shares. That can bolster a company’s earnings-per-share number even if a company’s profit stays the same, or even falls. “Some of our most important allies in the world” have been “betrayed by this administration because they can’t see the value in free trade and fair trade,” said Jeremy Henderson, 34, from Portland, Ore.

Richard Stengel, a former under secretary of state who was involved in these programs, told me that he generally agreed that the U.S. should invest more in circumvention technologies. “It aligns with American values,” he said. “I’d be in favor.” To younger generations, many of whom were in high school or younger at the time, Mr. Obama’s achievements exist on their own. Their first memories of Mr. Biden stem from his highly meme-able vice-presidential years. They are also more likely to hold his long and at times controversial record — on criminal justice, school segregation and the Clarence Thomas hearings, among other things — against him.

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Log InSoon after Mr. Saleh reached his political headquarters, he was greeted by an enormous car bomb. That was followed by a half-dozen suicide bombers climbing up to his fourth-floor office. Because it can take several weeks to shop around and schedule an installation, and several more for your utility company to connect you to the grid, you should get started soon.