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300 Click for offerBecause Android Auto lives on the phone in your pocket, the entire experience comes with you from vehicle to vehicle. For those who drive a different car every week -- users of car-sharing services, frequent travelers and automotive journalists, for example -- it's great because after sitting down in an Android Auto-compatible car, you just plug into USB and click "confirm" and all of your podcasts, playlists, contacts, navigation settings and destinations are projected in the dashboard the same as they were in the last car. The extradition fight has been compared to the one under Mr. Tung, who stayed in office for 21 more months but did not finish his term. Those who say Ms. Lam should resign are not willing to wait that long.

At another table, Gabby Saunders, 22, an advocate for wildlife conservation from Utah, said she had read most of the report — and what she had not read, she listened to on audio. She called the coming testimony “the pinnacle of what we’ve been waiting for,” adding: “I’m from Utah. This is my second time being on the Hill. If I could see that live, it would be extraordinary.” Mr. Ward had no interest in becoming grist for reality television, but on the night he was arrested in 2013, he said, he felt pressured into signing by the officer who arrested him. He was sitting in the back of a squad car when the officer gave him a release to sign.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEOne of Ms. Gravano’s most memorable scenes from “Mob Wives” was when she flipped a table and attacked another woman, grabbing her hair. While growing up, she thought that “crime paid,” she said, and reaped the benefits, such as nice homes and expensive cars. In Hong Kong’s hybrid political system — a result of British colonial tradition as much as Communist control — only half the seats in the legislature are filled by popular elections. Most of the other half of the seats are filled by industry and business groups, and China’s booming economy means Beijing enjoys greater leverage over the Hong Kong economy now than it did even a decade ago, especially in finance.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYSouth Africa is home to many immigrants, but its poorest citizens struggle to find employment and some South Africans have blamed competition by foreigners. Violent attacks on outsiders, particularly those from other African nations, have become a major problem. Some assaults have been deadly. “It was like a photo shoot for some magazine that would never exist,” said Mr. Smith, 38, a real estate agent in New York, and he didn’t mean that in a good way. He described the weeklong vacation with his new wife, Natasha Huang Smith, as a “sunset nightmare,” “stressful,” “cumbersome” and “torturous.”

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• Former Vice President Joe Biden moved even closer to entering the presidential race, telling a gathering of firefighters who serenaded him with chants of “Run Joe Run” that he was on the verge of announcing his campaign. Sorry, but no thanks: We should not be setting up a private international payments network that would need to be backed by taxpayers because it’s too big to fail.

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A movie of abrupt transitions, “The Harder They Come” appears to have been assembled piecemeal and shot off the cuff. Cliff, who wrote the title song, has described the film changing direction while in production. In an article published in The Caribbean Quarterly in 2015, the cinematographer Franklyn St. Juste said he never saw a script: “I really didn’t know what was happening — and what was going to happen from one scene to the next or from one setup to the next.” But the spontaneity proved a recipe for what St. Juste termed “happy accidents.” The case has been assigned to Sreenivasa Rao Dandamudi, a spokeswoman for the commission said. On Friday, Mr. Dandamudi, who was appointed as a commissioner by Jay Nixon, a Democratic former governor, agreed to let the clinic keep providing abortions while he considers the case.

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May the Schwartz be with you!  The long-simmering discussion of presidential war powers in Congress has come to a boil in recent months, with bipartisan groups of lawmakers in both chambers introducing legislation that would place limits on the president.

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Mi-17s flew half the fleet’s 28,000 sorties last year, but the first Black Hawk did not fly until May. The plan to provide 81 Black Hawks will not be complete until 2030, Mr. Sopko said. The case has been dogged with leaks that have continued despite a judge’s gag order. Hoping to track down the source of the leaks, Commander Czaplak, working with Naval Criminal Investigative Service agents, sent emails to defense lawyers in May that had hidden monitoring software embedded in them, allowing prosectors to track who forwarded and who received the emails, court documents show.

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