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300 Click for offerSingleton’s follow-up retained his first film’s setting and style, but broadened its narrative canvas, augmenting the mostly-male dynamics of its predecessor to tell the story of Justice (Janet Jackson), a young poet trying to make her way in the world. The film’s sky-high expectations and muted reception led to the expected whispers of “sophomore slump,” but freed of that atmosphere of heated expectation, “Poetic Justice” has much to recommend it: Singleton’s dialogue and relationships are relaxed and naturalistic, his sense of time and place is again spot on (the picture was shot in the aftermath of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, and the bones of those South Central buildings make their way into the background) and he again displayed a sharp eye for casting, handing important roles to the likes of Jenifer Lewis, Q-Tip, Khandi Alexander, and (most of all) Tupac Shakur, who generates warmth and sincerity as Justice’s potential love interest. Judge Carter further wrote that since the jury determined that the Mongols logo was forfeitable only on the racketeering conspiracy count, but not racketeering itself, taking away the insignia was an inordinate punishment.

It seems that many Canadians are not quite prepared to forgive Mr. Trudeau for sometimes letting them down. Janani Srinivas, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North, Plainsboro, N.J.: World War II and the Holocaust and “China Is Detaining Muslims in Vast Numbers. The Goal: ‘Transformation.’”


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEMs. Pelosi signaled that she would be open to allocating money for roads, ports of entry and infrastructure and technology at the southwestern border — all things that she said were “part of the negotiation.” The tragic event inspiring the New York Times article “How I Used Art to Get Through Trauma” by Terry Sullivan occurred only six years prior to the initial publishing of “Speak.” Sullivan witnessed a mass shooting on her evening train commute in which six people died and nineteen others were injured. Although she fled physically unharmed, she was left with mental scars and suffering. She faced difficulty when attempting to accurately translate her emotions into words, so she turned to her love of art to express herself.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYIn this vain struggle, one group often goes missing: Germany’s Jews. The rise in anti-Semitic violence does not fit easily into either narrative; the social media attention is more muted, and the events tend to pass with little comment. Last week, a large group of striking factory workers, United Electrical Workers union officials and community members gathered in the freezing temperatures in Wilmerding, Pa., across the railroad tracks from the Wabtec Corporation, holding signs denouncing corporate greed and announcing support for the union. As a train passed by, it blew its whistle repeatedly in support of the protest.

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That first afternoon I shot still photographs of the Floquets-McGoverns. But I soon realized they were so lively that I should pick up a video camera instead. The victims were “predominantly from the ages of 20 to 60ish — and a large number of men,” Ms. Ardern told reporters at Hagley College, a local school near the hospital where relatives of the victims were gathering.

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There has been much plundering of the sites here and across the Four Corners region by profiteers. The Antiquities Act of 1906, which protects property on federal lands (and allows the President to unilaterally create national monuments without consulting Congress) was initiated because of the theft of artifacts from Chaco. “Is that unfair? That the privileged can pay?” Mr. Taylor asked. “Yes. But that’s how the world works.”

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According to one survey, more than a third of those who wish to remain in the European Union would be upset if a close relative married a strong leave supporter, suggesting that Brexit has morphed into a clash of values. “This is him spinning the proclamation into more than it is,” said Ofer Zalzberg of the International Crisis Group. “If Israel annexed Gush Etzion, would Trump let it lie? He could decide that the Golan was desirable, but the West Bank is not. He did not commit to recognizing all Israeli annexation. Trump never said he was going to be consistent.”

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“There’s no question New York’s position as a center of wealth and a center of litigation tends to invite some of the largest and nastiest and prolonged divorces in the country,” said David H. Pikus, a principal in the Manhattan law firm of Bressler Amery Ross. “I was immediately excited about it,” he said. “Though not undaunted by it. You know from my history I like a challenge.”

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