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With statements like that, we'd place money on the likelihood of Lexus bringing the droptop LC to market. Though no details have been confirmed, we suspect the convertible would have the same powertrain offerings as the coupe: an LC 500 model with a 5.0-liter V8 good for 471 horsepower and 398 pound-feet of torque, and an LC 500h hybrid rated to return as much as 35 miles per gallon highway. The word they use in place of “forget,” mind you, is an expletive that starts with the same letter.

Somehow, these movies -- and the pop culture constellation around them -- seem to symbolize their very refusal to grow up. The most recent data suggests sales remain under pressure in the United States. According to the Dominion Cross-Sell Report, a compilation drawn from state motor vehicle records, registrations of new Tesla cars have improved from earlier in the year but remain below levels of the fourth quarter.

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Monday is Veterans Day, and Modern Warfare players can get some special in-game rewards for watching streams on this holiday. The promotion works by linking and then re-linking Call of Duty and Twitch accounts. Once set, players will have to watch designated streamers including DrDisrespect, summit1g and Myth. The full list is available on the Call of Duty site. Players who watch for one hour will receive the "2XP for 30 minutes" token and for two hours they'll earn the "Ode to the Brave" animated calling card. Many low- and middle-income Republicans — as well as independents and some Democrats — are socially conservative. They’re religious, and they are either conservative or moderate on abortion, immigration and other issues. When political campaigns focus on social issues, these voters are primed to vote Republican.

German-language site MacPrime reported last year that a wireless AirPod charging case was in the works that would pair with Apple's AirPower wireless charging mat. AirPower was rumored to debut in September, but we haven't seen any announcement yet. _____________________

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Log In“A repressive response can only worsen grievances,” Ms. Bachelet said. “The government needs to ensure that security forces handle protests in line with the country’s international human rights obligations by facilitating and protecting the right to peaceful assembly.” “You get to do what you want,” he goes on, “the authorities can’t really touch you, you get to wear a costume, but it’s designed by Armani.”