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300 Click for offerA morte dos 10 meninos em um dos baluartes do futebol do Brasil revelou a maior linha de produção do futebol internacional: um aparato brutal que engole milhares de jovens brasileiros para cada estrela que produz. NEW YORK CITY BALLET at the David H. Koch Theater (through June 2). This weekend coincides with the return of the principal Amar Ramasar, one of two dancers who was fired for sharing sexually explicit photos of female dancers and was then reinstated to his position at City Ballet by an arbitrator. He appears opposite Sara Mearns in George Balanchine’s “Brahms-Schoenberg Quartet” (the matinees on Saturday and Sunday). On Friday night, a relatively fresh cast of Jerome Robbins’s “Dances at a Gathering” takes the stage with debuts by four of the finest dancers in the company: Unity Phelan, Anthony Huxley, Russell Janzen and Joseph Gordon. The coming week affords more chances to see Robbins’s masterpiece, along with Balanchine’s “Stars and Stripes.” 212-496-0600, nycballet.com

If you can't beat YouTube stars, recruit 'em. That's one of the tactics employed by the BBC in a new push to win back teenagers with new drama, reality and documentary shows tackling sex education, relationships and parents. “If we play well, we’ll worry about other things,” said Dave Dombrowski, Boston’s president of baseball operations. “But if we play the way we’re playing now, it won’t really make much difference.”


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEJorge Rodriguez was a Marine infantryman deployed to Afghanistan in 2008. Now a police officer in Texas, he remembered a day in southern Afghanistan when, as a lance corporal, his machine-gun team fired on two men fleeing a nearby village on a motorcycle — a village that commanders had said contained no civilians. “We had never been in a ride share where someone else got in the car!” Ms. Head said. “Obviously, it worked out for the best, but that was new for both of us.”

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYMr. Probst, who said he served on Volkswagen’s Certified Pre-Owned board, questioned Volkswagen’s official count of 100,000 TDIs. If you are not a subscriber to this newsletter, you can subscribe here. You can also join me on Twitter (@DLeonhardt) and Facebook.

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The importance of the achievement can be as hard to understand as quantum computing itself, a field made possible by the mind-bending behavior of atomic-scale physics. But if you want a takeaway, here it is: Quantum computing is only beginning to show some of the promise researchers have hyped for decades. We're still several breakthroughs away from seeing the true potential fulfilled. Throughout, Sapochnik and the show’s creators, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, who wrote the episode, skipped from character to character to shrink the churning battle down to human scale. The chaotic fog of war was well represented but so was fear and desperation — the Hound’s terror, Grey Worm’s heavy breathing — as the dead poured through and over every obstacle.

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Pitofsky, Marina. “‘Epidemic of Violence’: 2018 Is Worst for Deadly Assaults Against Transgender Americans.” USA Today, 28 Sept. 2018. Designed by Cecil Wilde, a Boston architect, the house sits on more than 18 acres of former farmland in Little Compton, a coastal town near the Massachusetts border with a year-round population of about 3,500, rising to about 10,000 in summer. The property, which is on a private gravel drive, borders Quicksand Pond, a body of water separated by a barrier beach from the Atlantic Ocean.

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Yang Ming, a scientist with the Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Science who is one of China’s leading experts on hemp, said the plant’s seeds were traditionally formed into a ball and used to treat constipation, but the psychotropic qualities of cannabis were not broadly known by farmers or other residents. Students

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But in seven of the 10 neighborhoods with the most new units rising in remote locations, the rate of growth in the faraway corners was as fast or faster than in more commuter-friendly parts of the neighborhood. In rapidly developing Astoria, where 44 percent of new units were in a transit desert, construction in those remote areas was growing six times faster than in the neighborhood overall. Inherited Pten mutations are rare, striking one in 200,000. If the research holds up, however, it could be important to larger numbers of cancer patients. The mutation is not just inherited; the Pten gene is spontaneously mutated in many tumors. When that happens, the patient’s prognosis is poor.

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